The school council meets every two weeks and has a full role in representing the pupil voice at the school. There are three posts in the executive, the President, Vice President and Secretary from year 6, who are elected by the whole school after intensive campaigning. In addition there are two representatives from each year group.

 School Council 2017-2018


President: Corey Toms

Vice President: Isabelle Lampard

Financial Controller: Joshua Selita

Secretary: Alfie Minchin

Ideas Coordinator: Olivia Bazeley


Class Members:

Year 1: Stanley Hopcroft and Lily Jefferies

Year 2: Siân Lewis and Luis Simpson

Year 3: Connor Brimblecombe, Lyra Lake and Lottie Salsbury

Year 4: Olivia Lampard and Albert Pitt

Year 5: Pippa Dapiton-Bush and Ronnie Wells

Year 6: Olivia Bazeley and Joshua Selita


School Council News