At Burford Primary School, we recognise the importance of Geography to develop an understanding and respect of the world around us. We utilise geography learning opportunities to embed the school’s vision of Respect, Aspire, Achieve. We prioritise explicitly teaching skills which promote positive well-being and developing children’s independence.

Geography is planned utilising the high quality planning in the Cornerstones curriculum as one of the main topic focuses. More information about the Cornerstones curriculum can be found here. To embed learning, geography topics are supported by companion projects, which support children to develop their understanding of a theme or topic across a range of subjects, helping children to understand what they have learned.

Each year begins with key geographical information being taught within year groups, then children will work together as a class. The key knowledge that is to be taught can be found on the class curriculum page, and this is taught on a three year rolling cycle to support our mixed age classes and ensure all children cover the full curriculum during their time with us. Progression is planned both yearly, with topics becoming more complex throughout each year, and also over time. The progression of skills (below, adapted from Cornerstones Curriculum) is used to ensure that each topic is taught with the appropriate age related skills.

The planned learning activities are supported by opportunities for wider outdoor learning, both in our school grounds and vicinity, and on field trips to places further away.

Each topic is supported by a knowledge organiser which can be found on each class page.