At Burford Primary School, Mathematics is a crucial part of our curriculum. By the end of Year Six, we intend our children to have developed a courageous approach to mathematics, tackling challenging problems confidently with a range of skills and knowledge that they have developed during their time with us. We aim to develop mathematicians who embrace mistakes as learning approaches, and ensure that everyone shares the vision that we all can do mathematics.

In order to help us to develop confident, enthusiastic mathematicians, we teach through a mastery approach. We are currently working with the BBO maths hub to develop mastery of mathematics across the school, and have also successfully rolled out the mastering number programme this year, which we will continue to develop next year. Mathematics is planned progressively using the progression maps below, and summative assessments are used three times a year (less frequently for our younger children) to ensure that children have retained previously taught content. Any gaps identified through these assessments will be addressed through in school interventions which will be shared with parents and carers with suggestions as to what they could do to support further.

The vast majority of children are taught within their year groups, either within their class, or utilising other areas of the school and coming together as a year group, so that when their year groups are split (in Year 2 and Year 5) they will continue to receive the same content and quality of education.

We plan for reasoning and problem solving across the curriculum, teaching the skills explicitly, but applying them throughout the topics taught.