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March 18th 2020
FirstPoint Advice Centre
Supporting children – where to go for advice.
Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Virus, we have been in contact with Oxfordshire Public Health. They have asked us to resend information about FirstPoint on the I.M.P.S. website. These pages give support and advice to young people if they are worried or frightened about something that is happening to them or a friend.
The I.M.P.S. FirstPoint link signposts young people to websites that will provide help, advice and support connected with feeling safe and well. This may be particularly relevant to some vulnerable children if they are unable to go to school due to closures.
Please remind your class about the help and support they may find on our pages.
If you have time, click here to go to the whiteboard presentation lesson “make an advice centre”. The first few slides explain FirstPoint to the children.
cartoon plastered finger pointing the way.
FirstPoint can be found by following the plastered finger from our website home page.
You can download a poster about FirstPoint to display at school by clicking here or on the image below.
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Class Activity
Make an Advice Centre
Working in two’ s or three’s your class will design an advice centre for the new cohort of year 6 in September. They will research the FirstPoint section of the I.M.P.S. website and design their own advice sheets and posters.  You may wish to give the class a list of appropriate topics to use.
Click here or on the image for a whiteboard presentation lesson.

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