At Burford Primary School we believe that daily assemblies support and strengthen all aspects of school life and our Collective Worship Policy ( see link below) provides additional information.

We value this special time in the school day, for the space it provides our children, in order to develop a reflective approach to life, and the ability to express their thoughts. Additionally, it is a time when children and staff come together to celebrate shared beliefs and values relating to the day to day life of school.

On Wednesdays, our assemblies are organized by the Children’s Coordinator at Burford Church, whereby Bible Stories are read and brought to life through interactive drama using mime, costume, props, puppets and sound effects with the children also getting involved!

We hold a celebration assembly, fortnightly, known as ‘Gold Book Assembly’ – particular achievements of pupils from each class are shared and certificates presented. We also celebrate the achievements of our children beyond school, when our ‘Golden Postbox’ is opened and certificates presented. All parents and relatives are invited to attend these special celebratory assemblies.