Bake Off – 17&18/3/17

The Great Burford Bake Off – 17th & 18th of March 2017

1. The Children’s Bake Off

When: 17th March 2017  Where: Burford Primary School This will be held for the children of Burford Primary School. Children should drop their cake/bake into school on the morning of the 17th March, cost per entry is £1. Entries will be judged on both appearance and taste and there will be prizes for the best cake or bake in each class (Warwick, Windrush, Tolsey and Priory). All entries will be sold after school on Friday and all the proceeds will go towards the Reading Ladder.

2. The Great Buford Bake Off

When: 18th March 2017, 10 am – 2pm Where: Tolsey, High Street, Burford 10am Cake drop off at Tolsey 11am Judging and Prize giving (we’ll notify you by phone if you can’t stay) 12-1pm Warwick and Windrush classes selling cakes 1-2pm Tolsey and Priory classes selling cakes This is open to everyone in, and around, Burford, whether associated with the school or not, and is sure to be one of the most exciting events of the month! No matter how professional your cakes/bakes are we would love you to take part in the Bake Off. You can either enter a cake into the competition (cost for individual entry is £5) or we will be delighted to receive any donations for sale on the stall. All the proceeds will go directly towards buying books. There will be prizes and a trophy for the winner, with media coverage via The Bridge magazine!