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The Curriculum
Art and Design

At Burford Primary School we encourage children to be creative, imaginative and have an opportunity to explore and become confident artists.

Art is an expressive and aspirational subject that encourages children to show resilience while exploring a variety of Medias of art. We aim for pupils to build upon the Early Years foundations of developing their fine motor skills in creating accurate and controlled marks.

At Burford Primary School, all children are given opportunities to explore and develop their expertise within drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, collage and sewing. Through inspiration of artists and their work, pupils can make and share their creative ideas. We provide children with the skills of making thoughtful and reflective comments when discussing artwork. Our aims for art, reflect the aims of the National Curriculum. It is our intention to create artists who are inspired by renowned artists, their experiences and culture. Through art, we celebrate our diverse community by exploring a variety of cultural art and the impact art has on society.

Art is taught via topic-based approach using the Cornerstones scheme to support planning. In the Lower School there will be one explicit art topic per year and it will also be taught through other curriculum topics. In the Upper School there will be three explicit art topics each year and art will also be taught through other curriculum areas. Art may be taught as a discrete lesson each week or delivered in blocked units of time, to allow for children to fully embed the new skills in producing their outcome and allow pupils to become fully engaged in learning. Topics are taught on a three-year rolling programme to allow for mixed age classes and prevent repetition. The teaching of art is often whole class based, supported by appropriate differentiation. Occasionally teachers choose for final outcomes to be conducted through smaller group teaching to provide more specific support for the children. This is more common earlier on in the pupil's learning of art. The teaching often follows the process of focussing on an artist study, exploring the media to be used within the unit, teaching of skills, producing the final outcome and evaluation for children within KS2. A similar approach is also adopted in KS1 but with less artist study focus and evaluation completed orally.

At Burford Primary School, we value the exploration stage of art and encourage children to manipulate and understand the material before skill learning. In the Early Years stage, art should be part of child-initiated learning and children should have plenty of opportunities to mark make and explore using a variety of media. Expressive art and design is included within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and teachers encourage children to mark make and experiment with colour, design, texture form and function.

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During the implementation of our art curriculum, we will assess the children's progress in art and design to inform the planning and development of the next units of learning and ensure the development of children's skills and knowledge they have. Children will develop a sketchbook which will reflect their progress and provide a record of their skills and knowledge. We will make links across subjects so that children will gain an understanding of the role art has played for example in history as an historical source. We will provide a variety of opportunities to encourage and celebrate talent.

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